It’s Kicking off!!!

10 Aug

So... if you didn't notice London's a mess! It's been kicking
off everywhere!
So I thought I'd do my own piece onwhat's been going down
in the heart of London town and elsewhere across the UK.

On Thursday 8th August, Mark Duggan was shot dead by police in
circumstances that are yet to be fully revealed.
No one, at present knows what happened to Mark, and I think it
is important that we do not judge until we hear the full story.
Mark had a partner, children and a family who are all grieving.

Mark's family, like any family, deserve to get answers
about his death, so a peaceful protest was held outside
a police station in Tottenham.
Family and friends requested answers from the police
about his death, and unfortunately, this didn't happen
-tempers flared.

A witness then contacted the BBC and said the Riot,
which devastated Tottenham on Saturday,
was caused by a young female approaching the police asking
for answers about the death of Mark Duggan.
This female was then set upon by police which caused outrage,
and widespread chaos.

Subsequently, as we all came to realise, London descended into a
place where it was normal to see someone robbing the local
shop, the sounds of helicopters and sirens blaring through the
streets of Hackney, Brixton,Clapham Junction, Edmonton,
Enfield, Lewisham, Peckham,  Croydon,
Colliers wood (I would go on but... I will let
you see for yourselves.)

People are disgusted by the mass looting and fires to people's
businesses, homes and cars. The ripple effect has spread,
and what started as Tottenham Riots, changed to London Riots
and is now UK Riots.

Three men were killed in Birmingham and one man was shot in
Croydon as a result of the madness that continues.
Another man also remains critically ill in hospital
after being set upon by thugs.

Now everyone has an opinion on this.
Some people are blaming the government, others police and the
parents of those out there and unsuprisingly, it is turning
into a race issue.
My point is, it's not just black people doing these things.
Every race has been seen on TV looting and although on our
screens it's mainly young people seen
(News only shows us what they want us to see don't be fooled)
I have seen people of all ages and classes involved. 

One part of society blaming another is not helpful and I
believewe need to all stick together and try to help with
the resurrection of our society.

In all honesty, I'm not a great fan of the police,
but they are there to do a job to protect our
streets-whether you agree with it or not.
It's their job, they're not all racist although I do
believe there is institutional racism within the
system - but you can't tar them all with the same brush.

The people who are getting involved are just following fashion,
they don't know why they are doing it!
(One girl claimed it was to claim her taxes back-
I don't thinkshe had ever worked!!)
When it kicked off in Tottenham and everyone saw the looting,
it became a game of Grand Theft Auto - Who can mash up their
'ends' the most!!!!

I feel people need to start taking responsibility for
themselves and for their actions however,
it is easier to be following the crowd.
How many people who have been dragged into the hype of
getting stuff for free or at a discount price?
Think how many of you have acquired 'stuff' through
ill gains or 'off the back of a lorry'-
stolen is stolen..hmmm... #justsaying

For example, if you found a wallet on the floor how many
of you would hand it to the local police station????
Or if a cash machine started giving out randomly £50.00
notes how many of you would be
there with your money bag???

I'm not condoning looting at all but people are happy when
they get stuff for free! (You know this.)
The big chains do exploit us as a nation and
with growing prices I'm not surprised people took their
Like Robin Hood, the poor steal from the rich!!!
Sadly, these people took it too far when they
decided to burn down towns, started robbing houses,
local small businesses and innocent
people got hurt. One of the worst videos I've seen
is of a boy getting robbed after being helped up 

There are a range of issues in society that have caused
the sudden uproar and destruction of the UK unemployment,
absent fathers, poverty, social exclusion, demonisation
of the youth- if we had looked at these issues
sooner would this have happened???

My husband grew up in a poor part of Peckham in the 80's
he came from a single parent family and lived much of his
childhood on the poverty line. However, he went to college,
got a job and even though he became a father at 18,
he is a brilliant Dad. (With no criminal record)
The fact is, not everyone is a product
of what is going on around them.
You don't have to fall into the cycle. Everyone has options.
Yet, believe it or not,
those around you; be it friends, family or community have
a part to play in how we all grow.

One Lady on LBC made a valid point yes there is poverty all
over the UK we are not in Africa there is always fresh water,
food and we have a welfare system that everyone has access
to if they need it!!!

I have had many messages from friends and family stating
what they have seen and heard. A lot of people are scared
to go out (I have been driving with a baseball bat to
protect myself in the event of being attacked)
and although it is calming down and there is a greater police
presence anything could happen!
Last night, I drove to a friends in Norwood from my house in
Rotherhithe and back driving through areas such as
Forest Hill, Peckham, Crystal Palace, Sydenham, Surrey Quays
and Old Kent Road.
I can tell you I saw 4 police Vehicles and not more than
a dozen police so where they all are is beyond me.

I just urge people to know where your children are in
these dark days. One mother, who thought her children
were at the gym, found out they were looting the
Curry's store in Brixton!
I do think we, as parents, play an important role
in teaching our children right from wrong and to those
mothers who were out looting WITH their children

Even though my children are still young I made it quite
clear to both of them the other day if they ever were
involved in anything like I would firstly take the crisp
new trainers they had robbed, off their feet hurling them
at one part of their body and secondly march them to the
local police station handing them in. I don't know how many
other parents would do this but I strongly believe
in teaching  my children right from wrong.
A lot of parents act like their children are angels
and like their child could never do wrong and these
are the worst culprits! Know your children. 

My daughter is eight, slightly on the mouthy side,
can be quite rude when she wants to be, likes to have
the last word and sticks up for what she believes in.
(Yes, a miniature me). If her teacher
says to me she did XYZ today she knows she will be
I will protect my children to the end of time but if
they have done wrong they need to understand there
will be consequences!!!

It's nice to see communities coming out and cleaning
up the mess and sticking together to show the
behaviour we have seen is not on.
I've heard about people protecting their areas and
making a stand ensuring that anyone who comes near will
be met by people who are serious about protecting
what they have!!

I just hope all this stops and soon London seems to be
calming down for now, I'll leave you with an African
proverb I have seen on Twitter this week...

"It takes a whole village to raise a child."

5 Responses to “It’s Kicking off!!!”

  1. Medhavi Pheiffer August 15, 2011 at 2:20 pm #

    Hey Sash,

    it was very sad to see the towns and areas I grew up in torn apart for reason beyond explanation, I do not believe there is a justification for such an incident, opportunities are at an abundance if they are created for oneself, so many young people today believe they are entitled to everything without working for it! reality checks need to be put in place!
    If my children (if I had any) were to have participated in the riots I would know that it’s not the fault of society but it would be the fault of the parents for not teaching their children the difference of right and wrong or the repercussions of wrong doing…this is not to say that answers do not need to be provided for past event, but to blame it completely on the occurrence between the police and Mark is insulting to everyone’s intelligence!
    Although many of the big business will suffer a small loss but will be able to replenish themselves , what about all the small personal business owners who have take years and struggles to just get by??? Its disgusting and unforgivable!

    As a friend said recently we have so many opportunities here in this country, my country our country!!! Why demolish it???? What is it honestly going to change??? So much to say and so little time.

    I pray that some goodness comes out of this situation and that wrongs are righted, that people realise their doings and try and make a better change for our future through forms of communication which exceed violence and hatred and spread a sense of strength too ur community ans society, NOT FEAR OR HATRED!! As this gains nothing or ends with nothing !


    • supermumlover August 15, 2011 at 8:21 pm #

      Your very right babe it’s sad seeing everything falling apart and we do not live in a third world country we have some many opportunities here and it’s a shame everyone is letting them pass by!!!! It’s a shame that it is turning into a race issue with the comments from David Starky and others in the media. Hopefully we can learn from this and move on in a better way!!!

  2. Toni August 17, 2011 at 12:28 am #

    Sasha, I wrote a whole piece just now and deleted it, Unfortunately right click did not work for me this time. So here i am writing it again. This was a very good read, I am still in disbelief about the events that have plagued the country. I appreciate your daily updates and being the friend you are, checking on my flat whilst i have been away. I am so glad to have a friend who is soooo, passionate. you and I are on such different ends of the life spectrum yet what binds us are similar beliefs. I first hand have seen that the views you are expressing are not just words. The value of teaching your children right from wrong and how to do things the right way is something i commend even look up to you for. Keep doing what you’re doing mama. I’ll leave you with an African saying that i feel is relevant to this weeks blog ‘Madness does not govern a country; discussion does’

  3. Wilbert Frometa August 19, 2011 at 3:02 pm #

    GREAT REVIEW! I pretty much agree with all your thoughts you said in your post, especially at the beggining of your article. Thank you, this info is very valuable as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your web blog:) Isabella S.

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