Let Talk about SEX!!!!

17 Aug

Ok so, it’s the subject that everyone has to think about at one time or another, what teenage girls worry over, teenage boys brag about and what most parents don’t talk about. The thing that we all need to be doing safely, yes it’s SEX!

Whether you’re ‘doing it’ or not, sex is everywhere and everyone talks about it. Most of my ‘girly-nights’ in consist of wine and us girls talking about sex. Guys out there are talking about it too, just look at some of the music videos out there!!!  It’s a subject that’s touchy for some, raises eyebrows as well as blushed cheeks but I’m fine about discussing it so let’s get stuck in!!! (I don’t mean literally)

Let’s kick off with some Sex Education. Most primary schools are teaching sex education in some shape or form to kids as young as six. Some people agree with sex education being taught as a way to promote safe sex whereas others think primary school is far too young. I’m very open with my children and believe that children can be taught about certain taboo subjects in a way that will help them understand. How many parents have had the birds and bees conversation with their children? It can be a tough one, but if you have a relationship from the beginning with your child that is open and honest, then topics like this become easy to discuss.

My daughter, who’s almost nine years old, understands where a baby comes from, as she asked and I told her in the best and most honest way I could without freaking her out. However, she doesn’t know the logistics of sex and this is what some children her age or younger are being taught in explicit detail.

I remember first being taught about Sex Education in PHSE with our form tutor. In either Year 7 or 8, she put on “That Video” which most of you reading would have seen and just played it out. I don’t remember learning much and no questions were asked. I guess we were supposed to just work it out for ourselves -which I think most of us did!
I went to an All Girls school and sex was the hot topic of most lunch time conversations. Who was doing it, who wasn’t, who you wanted to do it with teenage angst – envy surrounded us. Losing your virginity was the big one! You heard people saying they wanted it to be with someone special -“The One”. Someone who they “Loved and cared for” but in reality, if most people did this they would be waiting forever! I know girls that were happy their V plates were gone so they did not have to worry about it. Of course once you had done it once (and hopefully were not to traumatised by the experience) you wanted to do it again – like a pack of Pringle’s “Once you pop you can’t stop!!!”

Is there ever a right time or right age to have sex? In the UK, the legal age to have sex is 16. Yet, we all know kids as young as 9 (yes 9!)are having sex taking the innocence of childhood away. Personally, I don’t agree with children having sex and think it’s important that if teenagers are doing it they need to know about the consequences before making the decision.   I’ll leave it up to your imaginations to work out what age I lost my V plate. What I will say looking back is…NO he wasn’t special and NO it wasn’t that great either! Should I have held out longer? Probably yes, but I can only say that based on the knowledge I have now (and none of us can see into the future) we just do what feels right at the time!

So what do you do if you’re single and need sex?
There are two things that spring to mind.

The first is,”The One Night Stand”, not very classy but if you want something from someone who you won’t get attached to and never intend to see again -then this ones for you!! (Please close the door on the way out). The second, which I like so much more is “The Bootycall”.
For those of you that don’t know what a booty call is I’ll explain… a booty call is when it’s late, you want sex, you flick through your phone to the number of someone who you know you can have some no strings attached sex with and call them! What should then happen is; the guy or girl comes round, you ‘do the do’, you’re both happy with the set up and this could potentially become a regular thing! (If any of you want a hook up I know a few eligible candidates!)

An anonymous friend of mine did this just this weekend. They hadn’t had sex for a while, no relationships on the horizon and decided to call someone they hadn’t seen for a while -who they knew would play the game. The person agreed -they had sex twice. Now the rules were finalised and  before long the booty call was on their way home! For some, this works and why not? If you have read my blog about Lovers and Friends  you will know about ‘Joe from Bingo the fictitious character who will be my booty call if in years to come my marriage were to go down the pan!

But what if you can’t do the booty call thing? Girls have a well-known friend “The Vibrator”. The little contraption that can please and tease with the touch of a button!!! (Batteries required of course). Guys, perhaps have it easier with two friends of ample size who don the names “Palmer” and “Hangler” (Hands) mixed with a dirty mag or a porn film these two bad boys can make those lonely nights a lot easier!!!

Although some of you may think, who needs another to give the pleasure you can get from a gadget or yourself without all the awkwardness? We all know that the touch of another is better when intimate with a person you have chosen. You can bring memories, pleasure, laughs and all round good times!
In the beginning, for most, sex is great and if you have a partner that has got all the moves and knows what, when and how to do it you are in for many a sleepless night. However, many factors can change this routine; work, kids and lack of time can all play a big part in how sex can become one of the weekly chores you have to do every Wednesday night (No! I’m not talking about me!!!) There are two things in a relationship that can happen to turn sweet sex sour:

The first, which can happen to anyone – guy or girl (we are not angels ladies) is after sex one of you falls sound asleep! PISSED! Especially if you were ready to go all night or you wanted some light conversation so how can this be stopped?  Well, one way is to try to entice and seduce them before their eyelids start to flicker. What I would do is wake them up! I know sex can be a workout but really…you don’t fall asleep in the gym!
The second ‘sourness’ is the sex pest. when the guy or girl that your seeing is pestering you for sex at inappropriate times. When is it inappropriate? I hear you cry. Well, if your asking that you probably fall into this category!!! Know your partner. If your partner is tired – it’s not a good time. If your partner is in a bad mood – it’s not a good time. If your partner is stressed  (No you can’t relax them by giving them one – well sometimes) it’s not a good time. Learn when to initiate sex otherwise you could be left disappointed.

Sex can take on many forms “The Quickie”, “Love making”, “Baby making”, “Drunken sex” and “Meaningless” and at some point I have done them all, but sex can be fun and whether it’s with someone you love or not there is lot’s to be learnt it all depends on what you are willing to do.
So here is something to give you all a helping hand! The top 5 sex positions in pictures I leave it up to you to work out how to do them! Have fun!

1. Classic Rear Entry, Kneeling aka Doggy Style

2. Woman on top missionary

3. Shoulder Holder

4. Postion X

5. Reverse cow girl


5 Responses to “Let Talk about SEX!!!!”

  1. theoryofthewonderingmind August 18, 2011 at 7:24 am #

    I agree that sex is everywhere and everyone is talking about it one way or another. I love talking about sex especially when sum.are a bit embarrassed with it lol. Always great to see that others are doing jus as u are and sumtimes u pick up little tips and ideas lol

    But most Sed we all have to stay safe and if possible stick to a main partner.

  2. Prescription Drugs August 18, 2011 at 7:47 am #

    Your post includes great tips and you managed to keep it simple and understandable.Your post have the information that is helpful and very informative. I would like you to keep up the good work.You know how to make your post understandable for most of the people.Thumbs up and Thanks.

  3. Medhavi Pheiffer August 19, 2011 at 10:26 am #

    Sasha man! you bought back same real funny memories!!!
    especially here:
    “I went to an All Girls school and sex was the hot topic of most lunch time conversations. Who was doing it, who wasn’t, who you wanted to do it with teenage angst – envy surrounded us. Losing your virginity was the big one! You heard people saying they wanted it to be with someone special -”The One”. Someone who they “Loved and cared for” but in reality, if most people did this they would be waiting forever!”

    I think the only one thing you missed out was the pressure to conform, there is such a pressure about SEX all the time, everywhere we go and in every generation!!
    The preconceived notion is that everyone wants it all the time!! And if you don’t then well… there is something wrong with you lol!!!
    The amount of time young girls have told me it’s not as hype hype as its made out to be is funny, but they would never admit to this in public as they feel they would be seen to be different or not with the crowd!
    I say enjoy when it is to be enjoyed and jam when you cyyaaaant be asked lol
    “Granted when its good it great!!!!!!”

    People forget that two needs have to fulfilled for both him and her and there has to also be some level of understanding that it won’t always be mind blowing, back flipping, toe curling astounding! Lol and not being afraid to get right back on if it doesn’t go well and not shying away from it all together.

    For some its sacred, for some it’s like changing clothes, for some its a norm, for some they crave it, for some it’s like getting on a scary roller coaster, for some its unsure and for some it’s also a chore! whatever the situation we have all been there and we all know someone who’s going through it now!!
    I find it rather interesting that although times have changed, the misconceptions and pressure will always remain for our children and theirs to come, so it’s great that we clue them up… but how do we know when to let them go and learn…
    My parents never spoke about and switched channels at the sing of a snog! No wonder why I was always so inquisitive everyone, I never got to the end of the scene…

    I think, personally like everything in life it’s a learning journey about yourself and those involved it evolves and gets better with time as you understand yourself and your needs better and feel more willing to also understand someone else, whether its a long terms partner, a booty call, a first time, something naughty on the side (not that I condone this) or an cold glass of water after a long draught!

    Well done Sasha , very thought inspiring and well written!!! Love them and keep them coming babes!! xx

    • supermumlover August 19, 2011 at 10:34 am #

      LOL you remember it as well as I do yes the pressure of doinng it was enourmous cause everyone would think what’s she waiting for!!! Which is to say that sex is really overrated as once most of us have done it we realise actually it’s not that bigger deal!!! But everyone is different you got to work out what’s good for you and be happy to stand up for yourself if you want to wait etc I wonder how different it is in a mixed or all boys school??? Is there the same pressures etc
      Thanks for the feedback next one’s in the writing stage LOVE and WAR

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