On your head!

9 Sep

Long, short, thick, thin, straight, curly,  braided, extensions, dreads or weave! Hair is a topic that affects both sexes! Granted, to us ladies it applies more then men, but men have it hard too.

When we are born most people have little or no hair at all. My daughter was one of those kids who’s hair didn’t properly grow until she was 4 and even then it wasn’t much. I can remember when she was about 5 saying “Mum why can’t I shake my hair like the other girls in my class?” I just explained that her hair was different and eventually it would grow (Thank god it did).
When we are in our old age its the same thing for men its receding and going bald and for women hair thins. Most of us go grey eventually and for some going grey is a nightmare that is hidden by hair dye and for others, they wear their grey hair with pride. My maternal grandmother died without a grey hair on her head and my mum is yet to go grey. However, my paternal grandfather was grey from a young age so if genes play a part in the change then I have a 50/50 chance. (It could be controversial)

The battle of hair colour is a big issue nowadays with people representing themselves with “#TeamBlonde” or “#TeamBrunette”. Personally, having black hair this has never been an issue for me and the question usually asked is who has the most fun? Blondes or brunettes?

It’s funny the way we are stereotyped by the colour of our hair, the stereotypical blonde is seen as a bit thick, a bit loose, with fake boobs and generally looking like Barbie. Not every blonde is like this (Some of my good friends are blonde) but it’s a reputation blondes have been given due to some of them having a lack of self control! Blondes are seen as the girls who have the most fun but over the years a lot of blondes have taken the plunge to the darker side to become brunette!
Nothing is ever said about people with black hair (not that I feel left out) and we all know some very not nice things  are said about people with red/ginger hair!!!
It seems as though there is some kind of hair colour prejudice that goes on with a small population of people. What colour hair you have can influence which guys talk to you. How many guys have you heard say they prefer blondes to brunettes?

I personally don’t think it matters what colour your hair is but I do think hair colour is used more as a fashion statement for people to get noticed especially in the world of celebrity.
The world of celebrity intrigues us many people live there lives by what celebs say or do and hair is included in this. For some, Victoria Beckham is a style icon, for those of you who remember her as a Spice Girl will know she wasn’t always as glamorous her hair has inspired many hair trends. The posh bob, for example, was one that many ladies wanted at the time. Oh and guys, yes I haven’t forgotten you, Mrs Beckham’s other half is also a style icon too. How many guys ran out and got a mohican (even black guys) after seeing it on David Beckham?

I recall being dropped off at Gatwick Airport and waving to my husband’s aunt who dropped us off. I took my luggage to make my way up to the departure terminal before reaching the escalator – I let out a loud scream! My husband looked on in disbelief (and probably embarrassment) as I shouted out “My straightners! Where are they?! Have you got them??!” He replied, “No, they were in the car.” (Ladies…feel my pain here!)
Having straightened my hair before leaving, my GHD’s were too hot to put in the case so I decided to leave them out until arriving at the airport and then pack them in my hand luggage. A good idea (I thought) not banking on forgetting them. I ran back hailing down the car like I had forgotten my passport (best believe) and not a well-needed electrical appliance. I managed to get them and continued on my journey sighing with relief. I don’t know how many of you have GHD’s but I swear by them, I’ve had them for about 6 years and they have never let me down! It’s like a complete transformation for me once I make the transition from straight to curly.
I go through phases where I love my curls but currently I’m loving my long straight hair. I have said that when I’m 50, and without the time or energy to mess with my hair, I will get dreads and just be natural – but I guess I’ll have to wait for that.

It’s amazing that, here I am writing this in the US and everyone has good hair! I have seen all textures and shades and I will note hardly any with extensions or weave. So what’s their secret? Are we in the UK missing something so much that we are persecuted daily by the thing we are defined by? I’ve seen some bad weaves and extensions in my time (believe me). Have you ever been to a rave and seen bits of hair on the toilet floor? (It’s just nasty). Some girls can rock a great style of weave with the right hairdresser and style – it looks authentic. Others, however, look like they’ve been through the fast spin in a washing machine – forgetting to blow dry on the way out. The problem is, these girls actually think they look good!!! I’m a straight talking girl (as you should know by now) and if I was on a night out with a friend who’s weave made her look like Scary Mary – I would tell her. Not all girls are like me though and they let their so-called friends go out looking like tramps!!!

Most guys hate fake hair (well guys I know anyway). I said to my husband a few months back, that I was thinking of putting a few tracks in my hair to add some volume to it when it’s straight… He threatened divorce. He can’t stand fake hair so guess I’m keeping it natural. (Unless I want to get rid of him – muhahaha)!

It’s not just us ladies who have issues with hair though. Yes, guys, don’t pretend you don’t too. There’s shaping your hair up and making sure that your hair is cut into the right style. For those of you with afro hair, the main dilemma is deciding how low to go or how high to grow!(If you’re going for the ‘Kid n Play’ look).

What about plaits/canerows? We all know that they have to be re-done every few weeks – a month if your lucky. If you do have plaits, it’s sometimes a worry that you may be stereotyped looking like you want to be in a hip hop video! Going for a job interview and getting turned down because your hair’s to long or you have the look that echoes – ‘thug’.

A lot of people have daily battles with their hair and most of us will never find hair perfection! Hair is perhaps something that we all take for granted; we fill it full of chemicals to straighten or colour, we use heat to dry or straighten and we are forever chopping away at it. Forever wanting to change our hair, moaning that we are fed up with it but what if one day we didn’t have a choice? What if, one day we were ravaged by cancer and chemotherapy took away the choice to have hair? What if your hair suddenly started falling out in large lumps due to alopecia?
Through all its faults, I know the hair on my head isn’t that bad and when I style it right with an amazing outfit it helps me to look and feel great. I think next time you are having a bad hair day just think about how lucky you are.


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