I got back!!!

18 Sep

As I stared at the TV in my hotel room the American weight watchers advert came on, it’s a bit like the one in the UK with the transformation of Jennifer Hudson’s size and shape. The once large singer has a new weight and slender shape which she is currently showing the world.

As women we all have some form of issue with our shape and weight too fat or too thin, too much breast or not enough, ass like an ironing board or an ass you could eat you dinner off. Too curvy or not curvy enough we never seem to be happy and with the increase in surgery enhancements we can have the perfect body! (Some still wouldn’t be happy with this)

I like to think of myself as someone who is generally happy with my size and shape, I have ok breasts that don’t sag too much (after breast-feeding two kids I’m lucky) I have great legs, my back up isn’t perfect but its got shape and I’m in-between a size 8-10. My stomachs not flat but I have stretch marks and two kids to show for that I could work on it but I guess I’m lazy. I don’t go to the gym and as my friends will tell you I don’t watch what I eat although I do eat healthy mostly. In fact I can out eat most of my friends without putting on any weight, some say I’m lucky I put it down to running around after my kids and genetics. My mums slim I take after her if I had got my Dads genes this piece may have turned out differently.

I have not always been as happy with my shape and weight I guess we all go through phases, I used to be stick thin and even sometimes a size 6 was too big!! Having kids changed my weight and shape I always had a good top half but now my bottom half was good too.

I know people and you probably do too who are forever on a diet, people who constantly moan about their weight when there is frankly more fat in a kids happy meal!!! Calorie counters are the worst, girls who persist on telling you how many calories are in each piece of food you eat (Oh fuck off and have a burger)

Girls who are always on the latest celeb diet are usually the ones that don’t need to be. Girls with great looks and good figures persecute themselves by frequently working out and in extreme cases not eating.
Being obsessed by weight can be dangerous we have all seen the cruel effects of bulimia and anorexia and how these two eating disorders can dramatically change and ruin a person’s life. If I miss a meal I get cranky, I am a bit like a baby and need to be fed every so often otherwise I totally freak out. Last night when I was out I actually felt over weight (there is nothing wrong with my weight but) the amount of under size 0 girls who were out was actually scary, I saw girls with their hip bones sticking out who were terribly underweight!!! I really wanted to phone the jerk man from South London to feed the girls of Southend who were all morbidly under weight.

A lot of people I know spend time at the gym (or on the Wii Fit) I admit to using the Wii Fit but more as a means of entertainment and I have been to the gym once to workout. I was so hungry when I left that on my way home I picked up thew biggest bar of chocolate I could find and bought myself and big bag of chips!!!  I never went to the gym again and the thought of going make me feel sick! I do sometimes jog but this is something I do to clear my brain and feel refereshed and not about loosing weight. I aint going to lie there are probably a few people out there that could do with loosing a few pounds (or stone) but strictly for health reasons such as prevention of Heart attacks and Diabetes. There are girls out there who constantly are in a regime of exercise that is extreme where food barely touches there lips!

There is so much pressure for women to look good-looking in the papers and magazines we are forever seeing celebs being mocked for being to fat or too thin there never seems to be that in-between. Take the only way is Essex girls, I love the show the girls have great figures but “NO CARBS BEFORE MARBS” Shut up if I didn’t eat carbs I’d die you need them in your diet as part of a healthy diet so I say don’t be cutting them out. It’s such a shame that what we look like is such a big issue that even young kids are watching their weight not happy with their shape and are becoming victims of eating disorders.

I asked a few men that I know what they liked in terms of a woman’s size and shape here’s what a couple of them said

“Jokes, well I seem to go for chunkier chicks really. I don’t like super skinny anyway – but they can be nice to look at. A buff, hard, well proportioned body is best… Not too chunky, but not too thin.”

“I’m not interested in anything over-size 12 unless it’s a tight 14 she can’t have flab!
But on same scale not on anything under size 8 Think there is too much pressure on women to be thin but not so much from men anymore”

I do think there is a bit of pressure from men for us women to look good but it’s fair to say some guys like bigger girls and sometimes this is more so with different cultures. “The bigger the berry the sweeter the juice” is a phrase that I’ve heard a lot or “More cushion for the pushing” is one a certain male who I won’t expose uses!!!

Ladies whatever your shape be happy you were made that way as long as you’re not going to dangerous lengths over or under feeding yourself do you and what makes you happy

I’ll leave you with this last song click the link and sing along

I like big Butts


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  1. Medhavi Pheiffer November 15, 2011 at 12:48 pm #

    I love this song! its my Anthem baby!

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