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5 Oct

Do any of you remember the yellow pages advert? The one where the girl holds the mistletoe and the boy tries to kiss her but his too short? If you can’t click on the link to refresh your memoryYellow Pages

Now that your memory has been fully refreshed after stepping back in time to christmas 1992 let’s get back to the subject in hand!! I have chosen to write if you haven’t already guessed about “SHORT MEN”!

The issue of how tall men are has been a recurring theme in many of my conversations for the last ten months, previously the height of the male population never bothered me but recently I have become more and more concerned!

Why am I so bothered I hear you ask and my reason is I strongly believe that somewhere down the line a majority of  men perhaps those born mid to late 80’s and beyond were deprived on the gene that makes you tall. Now some of you may think I’m over exaggerating the situation, but it has been drawn to my attention by many friends in all walks of life that today’s variety of men are lacking in height.

I’m not exactly tall I’m 5’4 which is a reasonable height for a lady not too small and not too tall in high heels I probably average 5’7, anyway I have a perfect BMI so I’m cool. So here I am on a night out in heels with friends and this has been a regular occurrence so there is no particular night in mind, as I gaze across the dance floor and look around at perspective guys for my single lady friends (Who are all around the same height as me) I notice one thing and one thing only and in my head I ask myself the question “Where did all the tall guys go?”

I’m not trying to offend any guys under 5’8 who maybe reading this I am merely writing about my observations, most of the guys I have noticed are really short anything from 5’6 and below. I’m almost certain I have seen guys below 5ft which for me is bordering on dwarfism!!

It’s not just me and my friends that have noticed that guys are getting shorter, they have been talking about the issue on some well known TV and radio shows too.

A friend of mine has actually made up a name for short guys which she calls “Double A Double M” Action Against Munchkin Men, as it really seems somewhere down the line in Munchkin Land a few of the Munchkins detracted from the yellow brick Road and hit London Town.

Let’s look at music for Instance UK artist Tinchy Stryder is 25 and is said to be 5’3, Dappy from Ndubz is 24 and definitely no taller than 5’6. Scientifically guys stop growing in there late teens early twenties so the guys I have been seeing who are pushing 30 are not going to grow anymore and either:

*Smoked too much in their early teens stumping their growth

*Didn’t eat their greens (Or Green giant Sweetcorn)

*G0t the short gene (Pulled the short straw)

There have been a few occassions when I have been chatted up by some brave short guys and if this is your thing and you don’t mind bending down and breaking your back I salute you. I just really wouldn’t  want to be with someone that is shorter than my 12 year old brother. (Who for the record is almost as tall as me) I’m not saying that these guys are ugly at all as some of them are very nice looking, it’s just really not my thing I want someone who is able to sweep me off my feet without worrying they are going to drop me!!!

For some girls being with a taller guy is about security, being able to feel that he can protect you when you need protecting but I guess this is purley pychlogical as the saying goes the bigger they are the harder they fall. If you are a tall girl going out with someone that is a lot shorter than you can be partonising for the guy, always looking up at her and when she wears heels it’s even worse.

I have noticed that height is as touchy subject for guys as girls and their weight, last week I told my husband he was short and we were nearly on our way to the divorce courts (His 5’8 which is pretty average for a guy)

When I was in the US a few months back I noticed that there are more tall guys than short ones but I was in a place where everything is big so I guess this should not have been a suprise!

I asked a few ladies I know for their views on short guys and got sent the following comments:

“Short guys are a NO NO! The twins on Towie =Cringe”

“Short is when they (guys) feel insecure when you are wearing heels!”

“I’ve been with short guys and didnt find it most attractive however, I’ve learnt not to underestimate them as they can sometimes feel they have got more to prove so put in a little bit extra effort. Short guys to me would be shorter than myself (under 5’8) however I have now found that I actually think too short for a guy would probably be under 6ft (Which is’nt really as tall as it sounds)!”

“I prefer being with a short guy, because I’m short myself (5’2). Not someone that’s shorter than me, that’s too short but prefrably a bit taller. Can not see myself being with a tall guy. Height does matter!”

So mixed views on short guys but overall it appears size does matter whether it is too tall or too short, maybe as ladies we are just too fussy and need to accept people for the way they are. One of my friends sent this message to me which I think is a nice way to end this piece:

“I’m 5’2 on a good day anything shorter than 5’3 is too short, but love comes in all shapes and sizes and what they don’t have in height a lot of the time is made up through personality. Sometimes what you wouldn’t feel instantly attracted to turns out to  be exactly what you want. Look at Tom Cruise!”


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