Check yourself before you wreck yourself!!!

26 Oct

I can only scream “WHY” when I’m out and about morning, afternoon or night and I see another female who looks like she fell out of the tumble dryer with a mix match of clothes. You all know what I’m talking about, colours that don’t match, cheap material or looking like they should be on a street corner!! I’m not going to lie when I go out I do often wear short dresses that are on occasions revealing, those of you who know me will know I love a bargain but I refuse to do cheap material!

I like to look nice and feel good about what I wear, I am always complimented by males and females alike on how nice my clothes are and how good I look in them. Be it shoes or dresses I’m very particular on what I wear to go out especially when I know my pictures of me could end up on someones BB, Facebook or Twitter profile pics. Call me a diva but I rarely wear the same going out dress twice, I have a sad obsessions with buying dresses at the moment which is funny as I never used to wear dresses at all.

Anyway back to the point I do often analyse people when I’m out, it helps me get subjects and topics to write and lately I have realised how terrible some of the ladies are looking when I am out. On a recent night out in Southend I saw some of the most skanky things I have ever seen in terms of clothes, I wont go into the streaky and orange tans I’ll save that for another day. Clothes wise these girls were a mess my first HATE, if you are thinking about purchasing a pair of open/peeptoes shoes please, please, please make sure you buy the right size! If your toes are hanging off the edge shoe #dpmo put them back on the shelf, they don’t and never will fit get the next size up.(You have big feet deal with it) I for one do not want to see your ugly toes hanging over the edge of your shoes like claws, it’s not and never has been sexy!! Oh and while we are here if you haven’t got decent looking feet please cover them up. Lastly if your heels are looking like they seen better days don’t where there either!!! If you are going to rock heels make sure they are on point even if they kill it pays to look good. (Please don’t forget to remove labels from your shoes)

I also noticed on this night some of you girls pretending to be friends with each other when you are not , you let your best friend walk out the house like she has just come out of a lauderette and taken one item (Not hers) from each macine!!! Now the routine with me and my girls when we get ready is everyone checks everyone if someone has not got the put together look they are nicely told and advised to change. Never ever would I let a friend of mine go out looking like she needs cash for a new outfit (Not on my watch) I like the attention when I look good but if the girls with me are not looking equally as good only attention we will be getting is laughter.

I wonder Single Ladies do you honestly believe if you don’t tell your friend how bad she looks you will bag all the guys? (You probably look worse) Ladies please check each other before you leave the house it’s a must and if you haven’t got anyone to check you check that thing that’s hanging on the wall that’s right the mirror. If all else fails and you haven’t got a mirror upload a pic on BB, FB or twitter and ask one of your friends, associates or followers to check you. It’s not hard will take less than 5 minutes. I personally feel as a woman it’s important to look and feel great, I don’t care what I look like at the end of the night as long as I’m looking and feeling great at the beginning I’m a happy girl!

Now I love leggings they are the most comfortable thing ever invented clothes wise, I think anyone can wear leggings and look nice but ladies please dress to your size. I nor any other person needs to see your rear end or stomach hanging out, please save yourself the embarrassment and wear a baggy top that covers you up. Next thing is the visible panty line you know what you need to do we don’t need to see it please wear a thong!!! If you are someone who constantly suffers from camel toe leave the leggings in the shop or check yourself before leaving the house!!

This also applies to skinny jeans, there are some types of skinny jeans my legs won’t get into I’m over it I’m not skinny and don’t want to be so I steer clear. Different styles of jeans suit different people if you’re not sure about what jeans best suit your style have a look at Instyle mags guide Instyle Magazine Jeans Guide.

When I sent a messaged round to people asking about fashion disasters the response hilarious some of the NO NO’s listed were:

  • Uggs in the summer
  • Too much make up, lipstick on teeth and streaky fake tan
  • We can’t all get away with certain look’s if it aint working leave it alone
  • Socks and tights
  • Mixing brands e.g nike and addidas (Guys you do this all the time!)
  • Going out in your durag/headscarf
  • Dr Martens or Crocs (Guys are saying No ladies)
  • Short skirts when drunk (Please wear shorts underneath)
  • Wearing clothes that don’t match your complexion (I know if I wear yellow I look like a Simpson)
  • Thongs on show

So a few there and I can honestly say I have only done one from the list, socks and tights in primary school when it was extra cold . I think we are all allowed to make the odd fashion blunder the thing is to learn from these and don’t make the mistakes again. I’ll leave you with this quote otherwise I would be here all day:

“Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway” Anon


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