I’m a dreamer!

2 Nov

I don’t know about you but my sleep routine is chaotic!! I have worked nights for the last fours years and managing with kids and home its been a struggle. I actually love sleep to be able to switch off and snuggle down when I get the chance is a relief. (If I can get the odd afternoon nap I’m blessed) I don’t deal well at all with sleep deprivation, I can be miserable, catty and sometimes I look in the mirror and think what a state. I’m usually miserable first thing, I’m not a morning person so if you see me with my big sunglasses then you will know the days not going to be a good one.  The one consistent thing in my sleep routine is dreams, I believe I have an amazing imagination as some of the dreams I have are out of this world.

Over the past few weeks I have noticed that I’m not the only one who has strange dreams. I can’t tell you how much I dream every night, at times I don’t remember the dreams till later on in the afternoon. At other times I remember a series of different dreams that on waking up seem very real. I have the bog standard dreams teeth falling out, dreams of my dead grandparents, falling and not being able to move. I know most of my dreams are stress related, the dreams about my grandparents are hard they all always in the present as if they are still here with me. Waking up and realising that they are not is heart wrenching but its nice that I get to see them still. No matter how silly it sounds they were a big part of my life and in some ways still are. (Not many people can communicate with the dead)

I have dreams of significance, if I’m thinking of something perhaps a friend or someone significant I’m likely to dream about them or it.  (This week I was dancing with Michael Jackson I put this down to the trial into his death) I have dreams that a hard to interpret and dreams that I can say I know why I dreamed that. I never have dreams where I wake up in a hot sweat, but I do often wonder why I have dreamed some of the things I have.  When I have to be up earlier than usual I always dream I’m going to be late! Luckily I never am as the fear often stops me from falling into a deep sleep.

It’s strange as to an extent I can control my dreams, if something bad is happening I wake myself up. Most of my dreams are silent a bit like silent movies, very real and in full colour. (I haven’t quite mastered 3D dreams maybe in the future)

I wouldn’t say I’m a light sleeper or a heavy one I guess I’m somewhere in between, when I sleep I often talk, jump, kick and laugh. Last year I had a dream I was shot and felt the pain of the shot as it hit me. I honestly believed until recently that if you died in your dream you died in real life, apparently not as people have told me they have dreamed this and are alive and kicking.

Before my dreams were a regular and predominant part of my life I was a regular day dreamer. Have you ever had the feeling that the moment you just lived has happened before? Dejavu’s were frequent for me I would always feel weird after I relived a moment and often be freaked out. I have had dreams that have also happened like deja vu’s but I know I was dreaming them.

The dreams I hate the most are the ones you wake up from but realise your still asleep a dream within a dream, it makes you feel like your forever trapped in the dream world.

Dreams are said to be:: ” Dreams are the involuntary conjuring up of images, sounds, ideas and feelings as well as other sensations during sleep.” Dreams come from the side of our brain that deals with emotion hence the strange and weird goings on in some of our dreams.


Dreams can often be things that we wish or want to happen, I often wandered if the dreams we dream are us in another existence? My dream life is great but often confusing I am very happy to be in reality but if a dream can help me and give me guidance I will use it.

Apparently we all dream and these dreams whether we remember them or not shape our day, it is said that only those who are interested in their dreams remember them so here is a list top five dreams and there meanings:


To be pregnant or see someone who is pregnant means ideas have been conceived


Changes in the pattern or pace of life such as leaving or changing school, work, moving, marriage or divorce


Represents the end of an important phase in your life can be interpreted as birth or rebirth



Indicates insecurity and warns of falling from power or grace



To sleep in a dream means a message is being doubly reinforced


Sweet dreams


3 Responses to “I’m a dreamer!”

  1. Medhavi Pheiffer November 15, 2011 at 1:15 pm #

    Dreams are an interesting subject of discussion, I know a friend you swears by a religious book which assists her interpreting a dreams and alot of the time sit is correct, equally I think they are sooooo personal that its hard to describe or ever have an accurate answer to!
    The important thing to remember in any vivid or dream with a message is that the things you see are in arbitrary to the signs symbols and understanding which are personal to us. egL: red to many can be seen as a bad omen but to Hindus red and white are very holy and auspicious colours

  2. R.J. Cole December 5, 2011 at 10:25 pm #

    This person’s unconscious adds images from things she’s focused on during the day for a reason. Each image represents an aspect of her self, something she wishes she were or is glad she is not. Each image has a message about her self.

    The fact that she wakes herself up may be a form of lucid dreaming, but there’s a lot of information lost when you avoid the negative–the shadow aspects of the self.

    I like the irony of the “dream within a dream” comment for many spiritualists and poets have often wondered if life were a dream within a dream. This also may be a statement about waking to an inner reality.

    To see someone pregnant can also mean that something new is being created, a new idea, or life, way of being, or a new potential being realized.

    Death can also represent the end of almost anything.

    Falling is also a good metaphor for failure, or the fear of failure.

    To be asleep can also mean that one is asleep to their subconscious (which may very well be true in this persons circumstance–but I wouldn’t say that).

    • supermumlover December 5, 2011 at 11:20 pm #

      Thanks for your comments it seems from your blogs your a dream expert of sorts

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