The power of the woman (Man V Woman)

23 Nov

Most days I genuinely feel like superwoman and I bet most of the ladies feel the same way, once you have juggled the days events battling your way through can sometimes be a struggle. The modern day woman does it all and more. I know I take on far too much for my own good and even finding time to sit down and write this blog every week can be tight, but every week I manage to push it through.

There is always debate about the sexes, who is the strongest man or woman? I believe the power of the woman is a strong one, but I don’t always feel that strong!

When I talk about strength I mean physical, mental and emotional. Now, I could do what most of the men that read this blog expect and say point blank women are stronger, but there would be no point in writing that, so I’ll look at each strength and go from there.

The first strength is physical, now I don’t go to the gym but I can lift the weeks shopping up two flights of stairs and have carried both my kids in their pram up these stairs at some point. I’m not hench at all but I think my strength comes from knowing that I have to do things rather than being actually strong.

My pain threshhold is low, like most women I hate pain (especially those once a month ones) but when I’ve actually sat down and thought about it I’ve come to the conclusion that a woman’s body is built to endure pain, such as child-birth and the monthly’s. Yeah the pain is bad but sometimes it’s mind over matter. My periods are usually more uncomfortable than painful and I think as women we sometimes milk that at time”s, for all we can. In terms of childbirth, yes it’s bad but when you think about it a lot of women all over the world manage with no pain relief. I managed to have children with only gas and air. Now, I was in pain and it was bad, but if it was that bad would we do it time and time again??? Even if you do go for all the pain relief offered, your body still goes through the trauma and the recovery can also be painful.

Someone made a valid point to me this week she said:

“Biologicallly our hearts and body’s are built for childbirth, mens hearts could not withstand it, but in terms of exertion men are undoubtedly stronger, our pain threshold is what gets us through childbirth not our physical strength”

A good point, women’s bodies are made to reproduce and keep mankind alive no matter how much you argue that what our biological make up suggests, otherwise there would just be a world for of men!!!  So women are strong physically because we need to be, men are stronger as they have the physical ability to be.

Women 0 – Men 1

Emotional is a tricky one, now when I was pregnant and after the kids were born, I was an emotional wreck. I rarely cry now and can honestly say unless it’s a very sad film, something to do with the kids or a previous emotion that has re-surfaced, I won’t cry. I’m not heartless (Although some may believe that) it just takes more than what used to make me cry. The things I deal with at work are very emotional, but if I let each caller get to me I wouldn’t get any work done and wouldn’t be able to help anyone.

A lot of women I know cry a lot and a good cry can release any built up tensions and let you move on from stuff that has been boiling over. Men rarely cry unless there’s something serious going on and worth crying for or sometimes not for those guys that cry when their team loses at footie. Do men not cry as much, as their hearts are cold or is it because they are in touch with their emotions? A strong man I think will show his emotions when needed at the birth of a child, marriage or death, however a guy that cries all the time is not attractive and to most shows weakness.

A friend said something interesting a few weeks ago, when I mentioned my son being over emotional at times and my daughter being less emotional. She said, “as a society we suppress boys from a young age to believe that being emotional is not correct. As children boys are more emotional but then come teenage years this emotion has been suppressed. Boys do not learn how to deal with their emotions thus leaving some confused and unaware when certain emotions are acceptable. Women talk openly about their problems and most find this easy, however men don’t really do this”.

Just because you don’t display emotions does not mean you have your emotions in check and what you’re not letting out could be eating away at you inside!!! This is a difficult one, so to be fair 1 point to women and 1 to men

Women 1 – Men 2

Mentally is an easy one for me, women over the years have shown mental strength in many situations. It took mental strength for Rosa Parks to say enough is enough and not move from her seat on the bus that day, it took mental strength for the suffragette to go against the societies conventional roles for women, to stand up for what they believe in. It takes mental strength for women all over the world to hold together their families, everyday ensuring that things run smoothly. Although it is said that the man is the head of the house we all know really it’s the woman and behind every good man, is a strong-minded woman who helps him along the way.  Women are good at having the mental strength to deal with what life throws at them, where as men struggle more with this.

Women 2 – Men 2

So as it stands we are equal, I know a lot of you won’t agree and I’m even surprised I’ve come to this conclusion, so vote below for who you think is stronger and as always share and comment.


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