30 Nov

I sometimes feel that I am constantly moaning about one thing or another so I have decided to just have an all out rant, those that want to read can continue and those that don’t know how to leave the page!

We all have buttons that when pushed can make us angry, while out or go off on one and I have realised there is more than a few things that have been going down in one place or another that quite frankly piss me off!!

So I’m going to go from 10-1 with the top ten things that piss me off, some of them will have been taken from previous blogs and others will be general so here goes in no particular order:

10. Say what you mean, mean and do as you say!

There are a lot of people out there that are just hyped and this is not to be mixed with those out there that are confused. Those of you that say you are going to do something then back track, I don’t want to hear it! Further more we don’t want to know until you have done it. You all know someone like this help these people become people who do, not people who forever chat what they are going to do and never progress. Forever being that guy or that girl still in the same place not having been anywhere!!!


I’m not talking about them on twitter!!! Not everyone has it in them to be a leader the same way not everyone needs to be a follower just because everyone else is doing it don’t mean you have to too.  Don’t try be like your friends your only going to get yourself into problems. Be unique, be real, be you. I’m not talking about following fashion or music, I’m talking about following life!!! How many of you know someone trying to follow your exact life movements? Just because your trying to develop in something they want to copy when they have never indicated this before? Followers are undercover snakes in the grass watch your backs!!!

8. Neanderthal Man

Guys get over it now Beyonce has sung enough songs to make you all realise there are enough of us strong independent ladies out here who can run the world. I’m not asking for a female global takeover, I’m saying we can match you in most things so ease up. Only women your going to get is breeders and the economy and your pockets will crumble if this happens. We need you, you need us enough said!!!!


7. BMT (Black Man’s Time)

I will add this does not only refer to the black man as everyone’s doing it, lateness is not on people fix up as my sister say’s running that slack and black line for the rest of your life is not going to help. I hate lateness, I hand on heart make every effort to be punctual as lateness brings stress and stress is not good. If this is happening to you on a regular basis it means your letting people down and the first person your letting down is yourself!! Fix up

6. Fakeness

I can deal with fake, hair tan, eyelashes, implants and whatever other body part you choose to super impose (I do not have any of these may I add) If your rocking these looks make sure your rocking them well I don’t want to see your streaky tans or the glue in your hair thank you very much!!! It’s cheap, tacky and not attractive. If you can’t do real make sure your paying money to rock fake good!!! While we are on the subject of fake any fake pretend friends jump off too, if your around someone for who they know, what drink they can buy you, rave they can hook you up with or just so you know their business to bitch to others KEEP IT MOVING and don’t stop when the light is red!!!!

(If it lasts that long)

5. I’m not a mind reader!!

Can we just start being real with each other, I am always as real as I can be with those around me. If you don’t like something SAY. If you don’t want to do something SAY. Don’t sit in the corner quiet then bitch and moan after the event, it’s not on either be real or stay silent!!! We can not read your mind you need to tell people what you want and think!!!

4. Leave the sun alone (No not the newspaper)

How many people do I hear complaining once it hits 25 degrees which it rarely does over hear but when we have our random two-week heat wave everyone moans “Oh init hot, oh init too hot” Go away no it’s not hot enough for my brown skin!!! I need it at least 30 before I’m even warm!!


3. People who moan about being tired!!!

Now I’m always tired and moan about it I work nights,  so half the time I don’t get that much sleep, if you aint productive in your daily going’s on don’t moan constantly about being tired when your not fully participating in society by working or rasing kids. You people sitting around being lazy claiming like we got enough money in the pot to look after you all wake up and fix up!!!


2. Kids

If your not going to look after, raise and earn a hard living to pay for them then you shouldn’t be having kids yes ladies that’s you too, it takes two don’t always blame the man who you know aint going to be around to help you. We all need to take some responsiblity be prepared to put in or don’t be pushing them out!!

1. Your Past

We all have a past some people never had dad’s, others never had mum’s, sometimes stuff was hard and other times it was real hard. But don’t blame every single thing that happens on your past “His like that cause his dad weren’t around” yeah it’s a factor but don’t make it your life story. Try to make the best of your situation  and learn from the mistakes. Don’t live by regrets and destroy yet another generation! Deal with things when they need to be dealt with, talk to someone, let your past shape your future not destroy it!!!

These among other things really piss me off what pisses you off??

Let’s end with a banger by Alizae and Mr Mayhem one of my favourites Don’t Piss Me Off


2 Responses to “#DPMO”

  1. madz January 9, 2012 at 5:44 pm #

    SO true!

    AHHH i hate it when people complain about the sun! so annoying ok so this isnt thew top of the list but I absoluntly agree.

    Poeple need to stop pointing fingers everywhere and take some responsability for that which is not to their liking in their life!!

    Speak the truth or forever hol dyour peace! my family always say I am a bit gobby but i say rather out than in! its not always good but its better than pent up frustration!

    Good on ya sista!
    xx Madz

    • supermumlover January 10, 2012 at 11:31 am #

      Exactly people moan so much moan moan moan I know I do it but the weather sun really get away!!!

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