I’m not racist but……….

7 Dec

After the explosion of the you tube video showing a woman in a mindless racist rant last week I thought I’d write a short piece on racism. (I’m keeping it very short)

Whether your black, white, asian, chinese or pink anyone of colour can experience racism it’s not just something done against black people by BNP or NF’s. Racism is on of those topics that gets everyone going last week I saw the you tube video which was being repeatedly posted on facebook and twitter, was I shocked…. Not at all

People may wander why and the reason is simple I’m not blind racism is fully alive in the UK just some people choose to ignore it, even though we live in a very vast muliticultural society racism exists whether it’s outright or in the shadows. We have come a very long way since the day’s of King and Park’s, we are definately living in more harmonious cicumstances as a muliticultural society than our counterparts in America where there is still racial segregation. But yet there is still racism in the UK.

Sometimes people take the racism card a bit far like Tulisa from Ndubz rants at Micha B trying to get her voted off Xfactor and is dubbed a racist!!! She’s not she didn’t call her a black bitch she just had an opinion whether right or wrong spoke her mind race was not brought into it at all!

I’m not condoning the woman ranting on the tram what she said was totally unacceptable and she is just one of many with these views, but if you look around even those you know even some that are close to may have some racist preconceptions. This woman is set to face jail for her very open rant however the somalian girls who visciously,racially attacked and almost killed Rhea Page have been let walk free. Should there not be a flat line rule on racism no matter who it is too?

Girls attack

How many times have you heard “Oh those polish they come over here and take all our jobs?”  How many groups are on facebook so called proud to be British where the people that join secretly wished all non UK/ British Nationals would “Fuck off back home!” How many times have you hear I’m not racist my 2nd cousins friends wife is black/brown/chinese/asian.

The thing with us all going back to where we orginally came from is a funny one as there would literally be no one left we all have a bit of something ethnic in us if we research our heritage properly!

Who remembers back in the summer the London riots where David Starky blamed gang culture on Jamaican patois?? Another racist comment but yet he will still be seen on the TV.

Is there something we are missing in education??? Children are taught about different races, religions and cultures but are they spoken too about racism and why it is unacceptable? Are they taught about how racist views can destroy nations such as the holocaust?

BNP are allowed a place in parliment even though we all know them to be a group that has very racist views, however as long as they speak in a way that is politically correct and don’t use racial slurs they are free to say what they like.

Racism isn’t as bad as it was twenty odd years ago and there are always going to be people that have some form of prejudice whether they personally want to class themselves as racist or not.I don’t know if there really is anything that can be done for us to stop racism apart from us teaching our children that it is wrong and that underneath the colours the paint us we all bleed the same!


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