Money V’s Love

5 Jan

Big said more money more problems, Jessie J is saying it’s not about the money and Aloe Blacc still just want’s a dollar.Let me not even get started on 50cent.

I don’t care what anyone says money is a big big thing in our lives from the moment you realise what money is and what it can get you, you want it. Whether it pay bills, to buy that dress or to put food on the table we all need and use money on a daily basis and sometimes we take it for granted.

So a friend said to me you can’t have girls and be in love with no money and I honestly thought he was wrong but on reflection he might have been right.

You all know I’m the modern-day woman, if I have to pay for the meal it’s cool. (You know I don’t like cooking so I’m always going to be the one suggesting) I always want to go out to eat and can not expect a man to be paying for me to eat out all the time just because I’m a hungry belly. If a guy is ok to split the bill or take turns in paying I would be fine with that. I know I like to go out to eat a lot and if I want to sit nice have a few drinks and eat my three courses peacefully I don’t want the guy sweating about how much this is going to cost him! This week my husband took me to eat at the Oxo tower restaurants as a treat (We had no kids for the night), a lovely restaurant and very pricey if he didn’t have money we would never have gone. This restaurant was over posh, the service was amazing and the view of London was one of the best I’ve seen. If you don’t have money you don’t get to have experiences, if my husband had taken me there on a first date I would have thought he was rich and most females would expect nothing less from that date on.

If you flash your cash a bit too much your setting your self up for failure, look at Ian Beale in Eastenders how many wives has he waved his money at???? So here he is flashing it at Mandy who is blatantly not interested and is in it for what she can get.

The other day I was watching one of those programmes that did the 2011 rundown and realised Hugh Hefner Mr Playboy himself got engaged only for his fiance to leave him. All that money, all those women and still nobody to love.

Some common beliefs are:

  • With money you can demonstrate tokens of love, reliability
  • broke love is usually stronger (Your struggling but you get by and your happy)
  • Broke people don’t fall in love (Really broke like JSA broke)
  • Guys with money have no time, so they buy gifts but the love is not actually there

I asked the females

You suggest going to a restaurant on a date with a guy you just met. Who should pay or who do you expect to pay?

“Men should always pay on the first date, if he doesn’t he won’t be seeing me again!”

“Whoever suggests it should pay!” (3 ladies said this)

“Dutch” (4 ladies said this)

“You ask you pay!”

“The man should always pay on the first date regardless of who asked first! #oldskool

“I would go with dutch definitely although would appreciate the gesture as its sweet”

“Personally I believe in equals so i would offer to go halves”

“I expect him to pay but I’ll have money on case he wants to split it!”

“If I suggested it I would pay unless you’re in a relationship never go out without money in your pocket!”

Males were asked

You are going on a  date with a girl you have just met she suggests dinner and names a restaurant she frequents who should pay?

“She should pay she offered!”

“Split half way. If she says no, you pay. Gold digger”

“The guy should have enough to cover it just in case”


It’s hard to be in love and say money doesn’t matter for example

Female: Babe don’t get me anything for christmas

Male: You sure

Female: No we can’t afford it

Male: OK

Christmas day our lady friend has no present and our male friend is in the dog house!!!

Women love men to lavish money and gifts on them, no matter how much we say we don’t it’s lovely to buy your man a present but if he buys you one it’s something you can show off to your friends. If he buys you something big it’s something you can show off to the world something that he might say is a token of my love. Tokens of love as said previously are usually for guilty reasons, a lady may get a new bag for no occasions because her husband hasn’t shown her any attention or he because he forgot a previous occasion. Unless its new love how many people get tokens of love regularly?? Not hating and if you do get this regular great but I would much rather my husband take me somewhere nice than buy me a bag that everyone else has or even wants.

How many husbands/partners are currently busting there arses at work through January because their better or not so better halves have racked up the credit card bills.(Not mine he sighs in relief) Some women are cool with their other halves racking up debt just so they can live as good as their friends if not better. When it comes to money men are competitive but women are just as bad!

I know single ladies look for lot’s of qualities in a man and having a job is one of them, but how much money does a man need to earn before a single lady takes him seriously so that she knows if they get married and start a family he can support her??? When I met my husband he didn’t have a great job but at the time nor did I, I didn’t ever worry about if he could support me because we were in love and that was all that mattered. But now we are in a time of great economic depression are we looking more at someones bank balance than what they have to offer as a person????

Love and money is a bit like brains and beauty, his probably good-looking and has loads of cash but is absolutely brain-dead and the only person he loves is himself. (Unless your Ian Beale)

Just as long as a guy doesn’t look broke like a joke, dresses decently and is good to you I really don’t think it matters how many 000’s are on the end of his pay check. Maybe if someone gave Aloe Blacc a chance he wouldn’t need a dollar.







One Response to “Money V’s Love”

  1. madz January 11, 2012 at 1:13 pm #

    This is such an interesting subject as we have all been through the I want this I want that stage of life in general.
    I am with you sash, if we have love what else did we need, turns out we needed a hell of a lot to just be within proximity of one another otherwise he would still be far away and I would be desperately waiting for the day to come when I could cuddle him. However I believe it’s important for both partners to have job for security of course and also to do the thing they should together dinners, an ice cream and yes maybe some apparels. My husband is blessed enough to have a job in this climate and we know that no matter what the tide one of us has to have an income in order to build steps for the…house may and even looking after relatives but this was not my primary goal when I met him.

    I believe women should ease up on men and give them the benefit of the doubt, they instinctively want to look after their ladies it is in their being, but some ladies frustrate me with their demands of diamond rings and designer bags ect, they fail to see how hard someone has to work for ££££ they want to splash.

    Spend to live not live to spend I guess

    Another smashing one Sash xx

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