Public Transport V Car!!!! (Toot Toot Beep Beep)

13 Jan

I heard the other day it’s £2.30 if you haven’t got an oyster card to get on the bus, I’m more disgusted than surprised. I know under sixteens go free and pensioners too but don’t penalize us poor folk in the middle. (I remember when adult fare was 60p) I’m one of those people who rarely gets on a bus, the big red things I call them. They breed germs and are full of rude and smelly people (and that’s only the drivers, no I’m joking). I seem to know where every bus in South East London goes, coming from Waterloo the land where all buses cross I must have been on every number at one time or another.

But I always have some drama on the bus, when I was pregnant I couldn’t get a seat, when I had my daughter it was the old ladies huffing about me getting on with my pram. The amount of arguments I have had with idiots who hold up the bus for one reason or another, when someone holds up the bus this really gets to me because when your on the bus you got someone to go. The way some bus drivers drive is ridiculous, just yesterday I get a message from my husband saying the C10 nearly crashed into him, when hubby gets out the car ready to blow the driver says “Sorry boss I didn’t see you”! Then there’s the drivers that don’t wait around for you get on and get hurled up the stairs because they can’t wait. There’s the other ones who don’t tell you they are not going further than Elephant and Castle because they are running late, your problem not ours!!!

Really though I would rather walk than get on a bus, but to be fair the tubes and trains are actually just as bad. Trains are always delayed, if it’s not leaves on the track then it’s someones jumping in front of one. Why do we never feel sorry for the poor person who jumps in front of the train??? I prefer trains to buses as they are slightly cleaner, they have more space but coming out of a main line station at rush hour is a nightmare it’s every woman and man for himself!

As for the tubes you have to literally fight to get a seat, I go into auto pilot when I see the tube approaching. I ensure I’m at the doors and I don’t care if I was there first. Next, head down, spot the sit I want and make a dash for it ensuring I’m in it arse first. Then I’m cool, I can sit comfortable, read a paper or book and dare I say enjoy the journey. Tubes are quick. I don’t like being that far underground and since the London bombings I feel that all transport travellers are on their guard!

When I got on the tube monday afternoon to go to work I thought what I always think what a miserable lot the passengers seem. No matter what time of day they always seem like they have the worlds problems on their back. Sometimes I get onto a packed tube, forced in some form of unnecessary embrace with fellow passengers. First thing in the morning, the last thing you need is the skanky smell of some guys aftershave, or being pushed all around the place until there is no space to think and breathe. The tubes are always packed, there doesn’t seem to be a rush hour, I guess this is one of the reasons why everyone has the hump. The only good thing about the tubes is you can get from one part of London to the other quickly. My local tube station runs on the new East London line, when running on time these tubes are not that bad.

I hate the stress that comes with driving but it’s something I have to do, I remember how happy I was when I passed my test after failing a few times, I thought I’d never get the hang of it but I passed and I’m not exactly loving it.

Everyone knows driving in London takes a certain skill you need to be:

  • aggressive
  • In control
  • Have a vocabulary of swear words that you can present at a whim
  • Have excellent reflexes (In case you need to break or turn left quickly)

We all know how much stick is given to woman drivers, but I actually think men are worse than us, some of the main culprits who drive like they own the road are white van man and the taxi driver.

Traffic in London is a nightmare what with all the road works, if I finish work at 2am it takes me 30 mins to get from where I work to home, if I finish at 7.30am I rarely get in before 9am.  I’m one for road rage too, if any male driver thinks they can intimidate me they are wrong. When I’m driving I turn ghetto, most people who have been in my car will know I don’t ramp! I’ve often stopped my car and had to tell people about themselves, London driving is just stressful.

Petrol prices are soaring like we all need to start buying shares in Shell, the congestion charge is a joke. Did they actually think they could stop people driving through London by asking them to pay??? It’s probably cheaper to pay congestion and drive than it is to get on the tube or train.

As much as it’s a pain I love the freedom of driving, at any time I can jump in the car and go anywhere where I need to go. Being in the metal enclosure that is a car means I don’t have to deal with funny smells or not getting a seat, my seat is my seat!!! Minus the road rage and traffic I can play my music loud and enjoy my journey, in my own company within my own thoughts. I wouldn’t be able to get to do half the things I do without a car, one of my jobs required me to be able to drive and own a car. I’d prefer to have a chauffeur but I guess it isn’t going to happen, so for now, mum’s taxi it is.


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