Road Man For Life

19 Jan

For those of you that are not aware of the term “Road Man” I’ll give you a quick definition

A road man is someone who sells drugs either to get by or get rich, they may have the live by the gun die by the gun motto. They come in many colours, shapes and forms usually with a string of baby mama’s or drama that surround them. If they haven’t been in prison it means they have not yet been stupid enough to get caught. Depending on the level of this road man (We will talk about the levels a bit later) they may still live at home with their mum and most are still living in the area they grew up. A road man is usually a night-time kind of guy, someone who is rarely seen in daylight and always chilling with the man them. The Road man may also be known as a bum, someone who doesn’t want to get a “REAL”  job, waste man or gangster!!!! (Known as a bum as most people haven’t worked out what they really do)

A bit like the highway man of the early 1600’s a guy who will do whatever he can to be that guy.

At some point in your life ladies, you may have dated one of these men, and guys you may have been one but how do you become a road man??? Well after a little discussion with a friend this week we decided that there are varying levels of the road man which go:

Level 1 Novice /Beginner/Runner

A guy who’s just started out getting to know the ropes, does all the running around for the top man. Probably young but not always guy’s who want to make quick money and have dreams that are hard to make reality.

Level 2

His making more money, his not the top dog but his getting there. His a hustler and for what ever reason his hustling hard

Level 3

His been from bottom to top and now his top dog. Cars, money, women he may have it all. His running things now but how long is it before he runs into trouble?

So why do guys choose to live this life? To most ladies it’s not an attractive life style but to be real, every girl secretly loves a bad boy and we have all been with one at some point in our life. (You got to do the bad boys before you meet the good ones) If a guys got the swag, the car, the money his lifestyle choice might be attractive. Even though he might be telling a few other girls what he is telling you there is something about him that is making him “That Guy”!

Listen to this next track by Ace Hood – Hustle Hard (Remix) ft. Rick Ross, Lil Wayne

So the song Hustle Hard is saying that guys live a hustler life because there are mouths to feed and family to look after which I guess is true. I’m not condoning the road man lifestyle but for those young guys on road in today’s Britain it is shit hard. Even if you get a standard education that does not guarantee you a great job. How many people do you know that studied so hard but are working in dead-end jobs. Current rates of unemployment are at an all time high if you’re a young guy who perhaps doesn’t have a dad around and has a mum and younger and siblings to support this is a quick way to make money. Meet Jermaine his motto is sell some bags make some money feed the family, mum’s had it hard she may not know what you’re doing but is truly grateful moneys coming in so doesn’t question where the new clothes and trainers are coming from. Jermaine has had it tough his Dad walked out on his mum and his five siblings and him being the eldest means he has to step up. His finished school with no exams, mum’s always sick so he has had to look after her. Jermaine thinks it’s real easy, this is a steeping stone something he will do until the right job comes along. What he doesn’t realise is once you’ve started making big money it gets addictive and is hard to stop.

He starts off selling green and before you know it his selling pills, coke and heroin. The addicts he loaves, is what’s keeping him and his family afloat, the life style he has chosen has taken over his life the more money he makes the less easier it is to leave.  Five to Ten Years on everyone know’s him, he has status , the youngers are looking up to him as some kind of God Father or Mentor. They want to be just like him. He can probably have any girl he likes but there is one or two that he takes care of the wifeys the ones who are raising his kids.

But it’s not all plain sailing in the early stages he smoked a lot he could have got addicted to a number of different substances, owing the guy at the top money. He could turn into the addict leaving him with no money and a habit to feed.

Being at the top also has its price. Our guy Jermaine is always in some kind of beef with rival gangs or even those on his team that decide to betray him. He always has to watch his back and is constantly dodging bullets. One day when he is caught off guard a bullet hits him, almost killing him. This forces to carry his own weapons and armour to protect himself and those moving with him.

Jermaine is not only dodging his enemies his endlessly running from police, they know all his movements where he lives, his girlfriends, his team, his car and even where his mum lives. One wrong move could land him in Jail with no get out of jail free card. Our guy has already been in jail a few times and if he gets caught again he will get BIG BIRD (Big Bird is a serious jail sentence)

The risk’s of the road man life out way for me all the money and status I wouldn’t want to be watching my back all the time as much as the money would be great you can’t spend it if your dead. The con’s of the road man life style definitely out way the pro’s. For everyday people like you and I the road man life is a sad one as we are paying into a system that they constantly choose to use and abuse. If my daughter bought this kind of guy home he would not get over the threshold, I guess dirty money just isn’t as appealing for me as it is for others. Some of you may think that Jermaine took the easy way out but did he really?

I’ll leave you with that question and a final song  The Street Code by Ksounds


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