Fantastic Mr Fox

26 Jan

I’m having conversations about foxes on a weekly basis so thought it was about time I got the London Fox issue out in a blog.

The fox, the ginger, bushy-tailed four-legged creature who mainly frequents the roads of london at night. The female fox is known as a vixen, they raid our rubbish and are generally scraggy. The fox is a Canidae part of the carnivorous and omnivorous mammal family, it’s closest relations are wolves, jackals, coyotes. Most common in the UK, London to be precise for the purpose of my blog. We have laughed and cried at the suspected cute creatures in Narnia, The fox and the hound, Robin Hood and Fantastic Mr Fox.

Those pics were kind of cute right??? Dont be fooled! So my friend said the other day since they banned fox-hunting there are too many foxes in London. So as usual I have to investigate everything I Wikipedia fox-hunting and find out it’s been banned in Britain due to cruelty to foxes since 2005. However it seem it’s only banned if they use hunting hounds like the one in the picture above! Thanks to animal lovers and the dumb asses that leave food out for the foxes, we have a serious issue here in London that is worse than the issue we have with their nasty friend the rodent!

We all know foxes have got brave, when I was a child the only time I would see them if at all was late at night way past midnight on the odd occasion when we would come back late from somewhere there was sure to be a fox lurking near.

Around 10 years ago they got braver and started coming out earlier, now days they don’t have timescales in fact I’m starting to wonder if they have a fox freedom pass. I have seen foxes out casually when I have been doing the school run, walking along the road like they own it showing off their fox swagger.

We all heard about the story in the news where two small children were attacked by a fox after parents left a door open in their east london home.

If not read this How common are fox attacks on humans?

People claimed it was the parents faults and foxes wouldn’t do this? But really a fox is an animal it’s dog eat dog in the wild. Experts claimed it was unusual for a fox to do this, but they are related to a family of hunters so is this not in their nature.

This is not the only time a fox came into someones house uninvited, someone I know had one come in via their cat flap! Yes their cat flap, this cheeky fox then goes into full violation mode wanting to explore he goes up the stairs into the persons bedroom onto their bed and starts licking their face. (Like they are food) Freaked out the person wakes up and manages to shoo the creature out of their house ensuring that the cat flap is later removed!!!

Imagine though waking up and having a fox in your face, I would have a heart attack!!! How many of you regularly dodge foxes when driving ? The other night on my way home I broke harshly twice to swerve Mr Fox and I know your thinking if you hate them soooo much why didn’t you hit them? But as my sister said the other day fox tyres aint sexy!! If I hit any animal with my car I would feel sick, I even swerve road kill it’s that bad.

Last year I had a scary encounter with what I can only call a pack of foxes. Me, my sister and a friend are driving back from a night out we come onto my road when I notice a fox ravaging through a rubbish bin. I approach slow thinking the fox would scarper but no he stares me out like I’m his next meal. The fox eventually skulks off and my sister goes to leave my car, before she opens the door she notices fox number two. Now fox number two is bold not scraggy as his counter part he is not going anywhere. Fox number one then makes a re appearance and is closely followed by yet another friend fox number three who is creeping around the entrance of my house! Here we are three grown ladies, trapped in a car surrounded by foxes that look like they want beef. (Or human flesh) As funny as it sounds we were not moving from the car until they were gone so I phone for backup! My husband is cracking up when he receives the call, my man is watching from the window and can see all three foxes baracading us in. Eventually my sister and our friend managed to escape into their vehicle and I manage to make it into my house.

The motto of this story is don’t mess with Mr Fox he has backup and means business.

To play you out Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix


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