Dirty 30

31 Oct

Turning thirty is a big thing it marks a different time in everyone’s lives I suppose by thirty most people are either knowing where there going or deciding where there going. There is talk of biological clocks silent ticking and the realisation that 15 years ago you were ready to embark on the journey into adulthood. The reality is I’m not young anymore I can’t pretend the fact is I’m getting on and you know what I’m ok with that. People have joked of me turning thirty and I have brushed it off I look alright for my age, I have a beautiful family, good job in a field I want to work in, money in the bank, I drive a nice car, take regular holidays and have a roof over my head so not much to be sad about! So for those of you who have been following my journey I decided this year as I became pregnant and would have a new born when turning thirty to do something different. Partying wouldn’t be fun with a newborn and organising group events are just to tiresome so I set myself a challenge from the 1st of October to 31st of October I would do thirty different things. Things I would enjoy with the people who wanted to do things with me. Things I hadn’t done before, things that were different. Some things would scare me, others would be emotional and most of all it would be fun. Everyone has had that disappointment on their birthdays, the day doesn’t go to plan, stress of organising so called friends let you down. By taking all the stress away with no obligations I made this about me those that wanted to come along for the ride did.

So here’s my 30 things

1.Dirty Martini Liverpool Street
2.Pizza Deptford
3.Art house lewisham
4.Somerset House
5. Eating Oysters
6. Heron tower Liverpool Street
7. Birdie num nums cocktails in tea pots Newcross
8. Secret tea room Soho
9. Denis severs museum Folgate street
10. Sherlock Holmes museum Baker Street
11. Eating an Ostrich Burger Borough Market
12. Paint jam North London
13. Auction House Chiswick
14. Mamma Leah’s Old Kent Rd
15. Murder mystery Hunt City of London
16. Fusion Cafe Catford
17. Shard London Bridge
18. LA ponte de la tour Shad Thames
19. Caricature Leicester Square
20. Mamma Mia Alydwich
21. Lego exhibition Brick Lane
22.Kisstory Gold Vip 02
23.The Orbital Olympic Park
24. Our first Family photo
25. Cabana Westfields
26. Coke with my name on
27. Rode a Borris Bike
28. BB cafe tea and cake
29. Tudor Barn

You may notice 30 is blank 30 is this blog so I’m sharing a part of my 30th with all of you this is a long lasting record of everything I have done. I have kept little pieces of my 30 things leaflets, receips, taken photos and bought keeps sakes so in another thirty years I can look back and remember I had a good time. What have I learnt in a morbid way I have learnt I’m close to death it could happen at anytime but if a horrible disease doesn’t kill me before old age I’ve perhaps only got half a life left. I’ve learnt not to be so scared, the thought of eating oysters freaked me out but I did it and it was ok. I’ve learnt to enjoy life even more the challenge has enabled me to do some of the things I’ve wanted to do for some time but put off and never got round to doing. Im now an artist and I’m still scared of heights I’ve learnt to be more spontaneous to value even more time spent with loved ones and to appreciate that I have the ability to do things other may not be able to. Turning thirty I feel grateful I have family, a few great friends and a life that isn’t bad at all.


























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