3 Nov

It’s funny how you can go from feeling ok and perfectly normal having a great start to the week to everything that could go wrong going wrong and feeling like everything is spiralling out of control. Feeling hot then cold, not being able to think straight, crying, feeling angry going through that crazy cycle of emotions. Most won’t have a clue what I’m talking about, most women go through that time of the month without it being a big deal. I’m usually most women but this month when the painters came to decorate my town they came in full force leaving me wanting to lock myself in a room for a week till they finished the job. I’ve got more spots than my teenage daughter and my body aches like I’ve been at the gym.


Most will believe that time of the month should be easy for me having periods since eleven and having had three kids. I should be a pro at this, after childbirth it gets easier right? Having had the worst periods ever as a teen I have been grateful for those times in my life when my periods were not around. I felt cheated that they came so soon after having a baby and still breastfeeding the first time round. It almost felt like Mother Nature was giving me a low blow!

As a society we don’t really discuss periods, our pads are discreetly hid away, parents still are shy to broach the subject with there 10-11 year old daughters who they are happy to have Facebook and insta but do t want to discuss the real facts of life.
Periods in girls are happening as young as eight years old and the effects of Premenstraul tension can be damaging but still we don’t talk about it? We do joke about it woman gets angry “Oh don’t mind her it’s her time of the month”
***k you what do you know about hot flushes, feeling increasingly uncomfortable and having serial killer type thoughts.


I often curse eve for eaten that apple and giving woman kind the pain of periods, child birth and the menopause. Yes when you think it’s over it starts again. I find in life women are less sympathetic about other women’s issues my daughter has regular problems I’m sure it’s Inherited. A few weeks back I get a call from the school to say she’s feeling unwell but because it’s her period she “just needs to get on with it” the lady on the other end goes onto say in the real world she wouldn’t get a day off of

In the real world at work you probably wouldn’t ring in and say you have women’s problems, in the real world women’s problems can mean anything from cramps to depression and in the real world I’d hope employers are more concerned for the welfare and wellbeing of their employees. I politely said that if they wanted her to remain at school it was fine but when she comes to the office and projectile vomits over the floor then this would then be their problem and not mine!!! “Ohhh” said the voice in the other end of the line “its that bad is it? ” no I just make these things up so my child can have a day off school because I have nothing better to do!!!!

Compassion and understanding is what’s needed I’m hoping I feel better this month! While I start my next cycle I’ll pop out to by my luxury sanitary products….let’s not get started on the tampon tax topic we will leave this for another time…



One Response to “Arggggghhhhhh”

  1. roxyheart609 November 3, 2015 at 11:22 pm #

    I feel your pain! 😊

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