Elf turns 2

13 Aug

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageThe Elf Princess has been guarding her Kingdom for two years!!!!!

Ive decided to do this every year write down the memories of the past year so maybe one day Kodi can read and realise what a terror she was (apparently she is misunderstood)

So the journey to two or 36 months if you a crazy month counting mum has been one of adventure. You had already mastered crawling, scaling the stairs  walking and practically running so whats Left? At 12 months those wretched teeth that have been coming since the begging of time finally made an appearance.

You had your first trip to A&E with blues and twos after having a fit and me and dad thinking you were not going to make it (calpol is now out best friend) The scariest time we have ever had as parents and you being you bounced back to part of your normal self.

I think the next few months you become slightly withdrawn and clingy who knows what was going on in your little head when you had the fit but somehow I think it did a bit of damage to your confidence. Which after a few months came back in leaps and bounds and your back to your fearless self.

If you need help you call your Big Brother, if you need anything you call him he is your ultimate protector and your right hand man. You adore him and look for him when he is not here. (Good luck with trying to get a boyfriend or go anywhere without him stalking you)

You have a beautiful Bond with your sister #demgirls although theres a twelve year gap you both spend time being silly taking selfies and belly laughing. Of late you have used her as a teething ring so if you could give the biting of her hand a break I’m sure she would be greatful.

You have your dads silly ways (Lord help me thats two out of three) Making a joke of everything and clowning about. Wanting everyone to copy you and having a tantum when it doesnt go your way (You get that last bit from me)

You have learly lots of new words your fave mini sentence is “go away”. The monster you are you know a number of words that are related to getting in to trouble. (No not swear words)

You are the most defiant person I know, when you want something you have to have it no matter the obstacle. You were like this from day if you wanted something you would wiggle to it no matter how long it took! Mostly you want stuff you shouldnt have and its an on going battle, currently No is the word you are most familiar with. Stubborn is what I will call you from now on.

You have a love of ripping books and no matter how much we try to stop you you continue. Chewing on a book is something else you are fond of I do hope that any knowledge is being digested!

You are a true summer baby and llove being out side, when there you smile at the sun and spend hours in the garden mostly trying to dig up dads plants. Last week you killed a spider which was a Big acheievment and I for one am glad I have another spider warrior to save me.

You love swimming and paddle about in the pool like you own it. You have lots of baby friends and love play dates with them all.

You have finally realised I need sleep and dad needs it too! You now thank god sleep through the night but are still an early riser. When you realise lie ins are what’s needed in life I will be at the end of your bed mostly jumping!

Potty training has been fun you missed the potty this week and ended up sliding around the front room in your own wee. Admitedly we are being quite relaxed about the whole thing and taking a when you are ready approach. (You always seem to take the lead on things).

You refuse to have hairbands in your hair and thats just the way it is when you allow me to slip one on its a miracle. Wearing pretty dresses doesnt go down well either but you are getting better at this (and i will force you until you are old enough to refuse )

We had your second Holiday and cant wait till Christmas for all the suprises and fun we have planned. We have had so many adventures and so many more to come.

You have reminded us that every child is different and although you are like your Brother and Sister you are in no way the same.

You have reminded us what being a parent means sleepless nights, smelly nappies etc but the best bits more the fun the belly laughs the joy of exploring and making new memories all over again.

You are still a Big bold and beautiful character we hope you continue to have your own mind and be the person that you want to be!

We love you our elf princess let the road to three begin x



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