Let me sleep

22 Jun

I think for years when people have asked me how I am I’ve said I’m fine just tired. I’ve felt tired for years and not because I’m Ill its because I take on the world and am a martyr at doing it all without asking for help. Since I have had the elf I’ve got better, I have had no choice as not asking for help would probably mean finding me in the mountain of ironing in a hoovering mess trying to wash up last night’s dishes whilst changing a nappy! (All things I really need to master) I have learnt from elf that nothing will ever get done but most importantly I have learnt that sleep time is more precious than ever. I won’t lie when my friends said there babies slept through the night I was happy for them, but now none of us sleep I’m glad I’m not alone.

Elf is asleep now but anytime between now and six she will probably wake anything from one to five times. She’s fifteen months she should be going through the night but not this one. When they said it was because I breast fed for too long I ignored it! Shes not getting enough, the breast milk doesnt fill her up… but three months later and only change to date is she slept twice through the night. Third time lucky we knew she wasn’t going to sleep all day like her brother or sit quietly like her sister being lucky with what you have we ignored deciding to complete our family with an angelic looking non sleeper!!
I worried the other day whilst reading an online article that children who don’t sleep have serious mental health problems later in life. I then thought half of the people I know on Facebook have a child that doesn’t sleep. I then thought what about the mothers of these children getting even less sleep surely our mental health is a concern. My child doesn’t sleep she whines throughout the day for two days solid on third day she sleeps. I on the other hand can’t sleep as I am playing catch up with washing, ironing and cleaning that I couldn’t do because she wouldn’t let me move! I’ve tried that purple Johnson’s bubble bath the warm milk and a routine and guess what super nanny it doesn’t work as some babies just don’t sleep good. I have it easier than most waking nights can mean anything from moaning to a full on wide awake hissy fit. It mostly results in her being gently rocked back to sleep however this can happen a number of times and by six there is no point in trying any longer.
She doesn’t sleep much in the day either today we have been swimming which used to tire her out she has had 15minutes sleep all day! The motion of the car gently rocks her off and when she is carefully and I mean carefully like the queens crown, lifted out she wakes most abruptly leaving my daily tasks unacomplished.

I have gym run soon and have just given her the evening bottle one of her three a day. We are quietening down and our routine stays the same. Instead of sitting still drinking and drifting off she is running around and trying to climb into her electronic mini Cooper (battery is currently dead and she’s trying to work out how to get it started! ) The bottle has given her a new lease of life like some kind of party drug, I’ll await the come down and prey she goes down for the night.

Working night shifts she was always lively at night moving around having a one baby rave in my stomach!

I hope as she grows she will get better this week she has managed to let me lie in past seven twice even though she still has woken through the night. Maybe she just doesn’t need that much sleep, maybe she’s just so beautiful that beauty sleep doesn’t apply💖

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